Integral manufacture, from start to finish

We improve your products quality and decrease manufacture costs thanks to the 3D printing. A flexible and comfortable system that allows processes´ improvement.

3D enineering

Integral solutions, from the conceptual design fo the final part taking advantages of the additive manufacturing. We can also make the the parametric and FEM analysis.Finally, we post process the parts until we obtain the client´s aim.

Reverse engineering (FEM) for geometries construction based on our own 3D scanners. We also make the metrology studies.


Functional prototypes and 3D reproductions

  • ASA polymer, PC, PA12, Nylon, ULTEM and ACRYLICS parts.
  • 316L 1.4404,1.2709, AlSi10Mg, Ti6Al4V metal parts.
  • Mechanical assemblies and dimensional control.
  • Conventional machining to reduce tolerances.
  • Tissues´ segmentation based on a DICOM file.


Tool manufacturing

We design,edit and manufacture functional tools for industrial sectors. We use the latest materials and additive manufacturing technologies combining them with conventional ones in order to obtain the best solutions.


Short series

Thanks to the latest additive manufacturing equipment we can product competitive series. We eliminate production moulds tools and stocks.


Injection Molding

Thanks to SLM technology, we can design and product hyper-refrigerated inserts that reduce production times and improve injection and cast parts´ quality. Moreover, Polyjet technology offers the possibility to product protoype moulds in hours, so we can make injection final parts in short time.


Practical example

GE’s bestselling jet engine makes 3-D printing a core component
The bestselling aircraft engine General Electric ever conceived is one that doesn’t enter production until later this year and is considered the first passenger jet engine to use 3-D printed fuel nozzles. Close to 8,000 orders valued at more than $80 billion have been placed for GE’s new Leap engine, currently being developed by CFM International …

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